Savannah – Skidaway Island State Park

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The city of Savannah is particularly known for its historic downtown as well as its label of the oldest city in the United States. However, on the sidelines of Savannah’s undeniably rich history, we must assume that we were stunned by the lush environment of this region. Indeed, the coastal cities of the southeastern United States have this peculiarity of being dotted with small island landlocked by swamps.

Skidaway Island is part of this surprising environment that we discovered in Georgia. With its very diverse vegetation due to the subtropical climate and its disturbing swamps, the landscape of this region is breathtaking. We had the pleasure of staying at the Skidaway Island State Park and enjoying this natural setting preserved by the rangers of the Natural Resources Department of Georgia.

Skidaway is also the refuge of a particular heritage. Indeed, during the prohibition when the police were hunting moonshiners, the island of Skidaway, which was then accessible only by boat, was a particularly favorable place for the manufacture of moonshine. Nowadays, liquor stills can still be found on the island that would have been forgotten or abandoned. Thanks to the trails that crosses the park and which are maintained by the rangers of the park we get the possibly to learn about nature and history !

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