Old Sheldon Church Ruins

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The landscape of Charleston and its region is both surprising and enigmatic. Indeed one may remains amazed over the swampy areas where alligators and different species of birds meet, while remaining subjugated by the very mysterious atmosphere of its forests dotted with “Spanish moss”. Worn by the wind in search of moisture, this parasitic plant clings to the branch of all the trees it crosses on its way, giving a particularly strange and fascinating appearance to the environment of South Carolina.

We were lucky during our stay in the Charleston area to be able to caught this enigmatic atmosphere in a memorable site where appear the ruins of a church built in 1745. Old Sheldon Church is completely out of time. Also known as Prince William’s Parish, this church was destroyed and rebuilt twice between 1779, during the War of Independence, and 1865. Its large masonry and red-brick colones will have been resistant to fires and time to be part of the historic legacy of South Carolina.